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Health Assessments

Risk Management - Long Term ROI Measures

Achieving and maintaining good mental and physical health can be challenging, particularly during busy times at work. This is where our health assessments can help. By providing staff with awareness of their own health and risk factors, empowering them to take control and change behaviors, preventing ill health in the long-term and improving quality of life.

  • Health - Annual Preventive Physicals or Blood Panels.
  • Dental - Dental Exams and/or Routine Cleanings
  • Vision - Vision Exams.

The Fitmatic Approach to Managed Health Assessments

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Healthy Habits

Expand your Companies Core Values by emphasizing Health and Wellness for your staff.

Engage staff focused on our 6 Daily Habits to some more content.

Interactive Microlearning

Read - Comprehend - Validate - Apply

More Than just a Health Article - Our Machine-Learning based knowledge retention platform allows you to measure health literacy improvements.

Allow employees to read health and wellness related content, validate new information and turn what was just learned into action.

Digital Asset Management

Policies - Procedures - Employee Handbook - Open Enrollment

Manage all your assets in one place to make it easy for your employees to find relevant information.

  • Simplify Open Enrollment via automated knowledge sharing prior to your Open Enrollment periods.
  • Ensure all your HR documentation is in one place, easy for your staff to access.
  • Roll in Learning and Assessment strategies to ensure your staff knows where to go for issues.
Wellness Challenges

Tap into the Wisdom of the crowd

Create a Culture component around your well-being initiatives and ensure Health and Wellness transcends across your entire organization, regardless of location or department.

Corporate Runs & Walks

Bring your Employees together to participate in an experience to remember.

  • Rally - Corporate races provide the opportunity to Rally your employees around health.
  • Attract - Promoting wellness through corporate races can help employers to retain and Attract the best talent
  • Communicate - Participating in corporate races aids employers in Communicating care for employees and their health.
  • Enhance - The visibility in corporate races can Enhance your brand.
Wellness Perks

Expand your Perks beyond the basics !

Whether its "Ready-Prepared" Food delivery for new parents, Pet insurance, or Bike to Work allowances, make a difference in your employees daily lives and show them how much you care.

Event Management

HR plays a crucial role in managing employee events - extract maximum value for your efforts.

  • Combine 360-Feedback with your event lifecycle to gauge interest and manage post event impact.
  • Include staff regardless of location by offering on-site and remote support.
  • Sophisticated control of class sizes to accommodate employee availabilities easily, both for staff and presenter.
Gym Reimbursements

Allow new flexibility and options for one of the most popular Health Perks !

Traditional Gym Reimbursement strategies may leave a lot of room for engagement on the table. With our approach you are able to relaunch this perk with exciting new ways driving new impact.

  • Include Multiple Gyms or Health Clubs and take it further by including home and Condo gyms as part of the offering.
  • Leverage attendance to drive rewards, regardless of where you go.
  • Tier your rewards by offering multiple levels of outcome based impact.
  • Simplify the reward process by offering Points to minimize impact on HR staff

Digital Health & Gamification

Jump start your Wellness Initiatives with a new and exciting approach to drive choice, variety and impact. Tie in consumer Technology for increased program adoption.

Wearables in the Workplace

Designing, implementing, and administering a wearable wellness program.

Budget Calculator

Estimate budget requirements for wearable device subsidies and rewards.


Hassle-free onboarding for your employees - we manage most of the process for you

  • Configure your Contributions by wearable device to maximize participation.
  • Employee Co-Pay for premium wearable devices and integration into your Payroll platform
  • Direct Drop Ship to your Employee to minimize impact on your Organization
  • Handling of Returns and Return Pre-Paid Shipments
Activity Rewards

Help your employees be active and reward them for their accomplishments

  • Reward employees for different activity levels
  • Drive engagement and commitments to improved health goals
  • Let employees enjoy their progress through tiered rewards system

One-on-One Employee Battles or Compete against the CEO

  • Inspire rewarding rivalry through one-on-one battles
  • Highly optimized Duel-Style engine to drive better engagement
  • Appeal to a variety of personalities by tailoring duel experiences

Engage everyone and promote group efforts

  • Compete on individual and/or team levels
  • Let departments battle for the winner, or drive participation by location
  • Support a cause and let participants use their activities to reward a charity
  • Maintain participation by customizing all phases of a contest
  • Run a different contest every month to promote variety

Engage employees with fully personalized challenges that fit their lifestyle

  • Leverage our Big Data statistical engine to drive meaningful challenges
  • Utilize game-inspired experience and get commitments from your employees to make a difference
  • Engage employees year-round through continuous improvements
  • Balance commitment, risk, duration and rewards to slowly transform healthy behaviors

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