An easier approach to employee health and wellness.

Fitmatic brings an agile approach
to Improving Health

You're moving fast
and so is technology

Health and wellness needs change quarter to quarter, month to month, even week by week. Why implement a program in months when you can start addressing your employees' needs in days?

Most wellness programs aren't designed to handle the immediacy, variety, and changing goals of your company's needs. Fitmatic's managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform allows you to adapt to your employees' desires and goals, as well as your organization's shifting plans in an agile cadence.

We empower you by connecting you flexibly to the people who matter most: your employees.

Employee Wellness,
built to learn with you.

Make a connection to your employees

Diagnose challenges your work force faces

Learn what your employees want and need

How we do it.

Fitmatic Wellness is a fully company-tailored platform, designed with agile HR needs in mind.


Gather Insights - Manage Priorities - Real-Time data a click away

We start by creating awareness of your new Wellness Program. We identify key pain points and the challenges your employees may face.

Explore what needs to change. Prioritize and implement changes quickly; not months from now. Along the way, we can help you with additional insights.


Drive Adoption - Implement Variety - Build Trust

We believe in partnerships, not transactions. We work tirelessly to ensure you and your employees have a great experience inside and outside the platform. Our relentless focus on understanding your needs drives our product innovation and philosophy.

The Fitmatic platform offers you a wide array of applicable wellness, culture, and engagement options. We ensure you and your staff can flexibly make wellness a long-term experience.

Digital Health

Fitness Trackers - Smart Watches - IOT Devices

Integrating Digital Health with your Wellness initiatives gives you an exciting new way to engage staff and implement flexible health strategies.

Worried about budget? Use our Budget Calculator to estimate costs for subsidies and rewards.

Integrating Digital Health into Your Corporate Wellness Program? Read More.

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Employee Wellness can be easy, agile, intelligent and effective.

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