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What is your total cost of ownership?
Device Subsidies?
Rewards allocations?

Company Size

How many employees do you have, approximately?


Health Device Subsidies

Use our platform to incorporate support for Health Devices. Your employees can access new Health Devices using a sponsored Co-Pay approach.
Select available devices to offer your employees, from partial to full subsidy on a range of devices.

Partial Subsidy

Entry-Level Device

Mid-Level Device

Premium Device

Reward Budget Allocations

As employees actively engage with the platform year-round, they can earn points for those various activities that can be redeemed for Cash Rewards.
Points-earning activities balance their personal goals and commitments. They can incorporate both individual achievement and group efforts.


First Year Cost Estimate

Based on your selections, we've set your budget cost average of $1.50 total cost per employee per month.

Cost estimate is based on a 41% total participation rate.

Health Device Costs
Rewards Cost

Continue Exploring - Designing, implementing, and administering a wearable wellness program.

How are costs calculated?

"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD)
Employees that already have a health tracker or smart watch. Industry Average
BYOD Employee Participation
Percentage of Employees who currently have a health tracker and are likely going to participate. This variable is influenced by your Annual Rewards Budget
New Employee Participation
Percentage of employees who do not yet have a health tracker, but are likely to participate. This variable is primarily influenced by your Device Contributions, and slightly by your Annual Rewards Budget
Employee Abandonment / Drop off
Percentage of employees who will likely stop using the platform within the first 12 months. This variable is influenced by your Annual Rewards Budget
Estimated Annual Base Earnings
Average is based on 12 Months Points Earnings for Wearable activity management.

Effective Budget Management
to maximize your spend

The platform is configured to maximize your annual budget to where it counts the most.

Not everyone is a highly engaged Marathon runner. We ensure your Budget is weighted towards each Employee's Activity Level and Engagement.

A highly engaged employee impacts themselves and increases the probability of influencing others. Positive influences can encourage others to be more proactive about their health goals.

Minimal Activity
3.5K Steps / Day
Medium Activity
7K Steps / Day
High Activity
10K Steps / Day
Very High Activity
14K Steps / Day

Move your mouse over any of the amounts to gain more visibility on how engagement changes budget allocation.