Fitmatic's technology platform allows your employees to create their own health success story and drive them to participate in a fun and exciting environment. Put the emphasis on progress and not perfection, and allow employees to reach positive milestones on their path to a healthier lifestyle.

Bring your own health tracker wearable or integrate into your existing benefits strategies to give your employees access to sponsored devices. Reward employees through points for achieving milestones and provide other exciting perks along the way.

Leverage engaging, social, and game-inspired setups to not just drive personal success but also impact your organization's bottom line at the same time.

  • Onboarding Hassle-free onboarding for your employees - we manage most of the process for you
  • Activity Rewards Help your employees be active and reward them for their accomplishments
  • Contests Engage everyone and promote group efforts
  • Duels One-on-One Employee Battles
  • Challenges Engage employees with fully personalized challenges that fit their lifestyle
  • Easy Admin Manage your Organization with ease of use in mind

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Through our big data and science supported technologies we drive engagement to your employees at any point in time.

Simple and intuitive experiences that fits your employees' motivation, commitment and lifestyle.

Whether your employees' goal is being more active or lose weight - through the combination of consumer platforms and Fitmatic's corporate features, we can drive success that will result in a more engaged and healthier employee.

Make a Difference

Drive health through the simplicity of being more active and leverage decades of proven research
that impact your employee and of course your organization.


10K steps a day
improves productivity by 8%


Walking 45 minutes a day
halves the odds of catching a cold


Walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week can halve the risk of heart disease and reduce stress, cholesterol and blood pressure


2500 extra steps a day
will burn 7 pounds of Body Fat per Year

The Hidden Costs of Inactivity

Your bottom line is on the line. Lack of proactive health initiatives impact your organizations productivity, profitability, and work culture.

Most medical expenses are spent on care and not prevention - yet a large part of your employee base is considered at-risk, which can have a significant impact on future medical costs.

Small to medium-sized businesses carry the biggest burden, as just a small uptick in claims can have significant impacts on your health care costs as providers are mitigating risk for the future.

Integrating Digital Health into your Corporate Wellness Program

Designing, implementing, and administering a wearable wellness program that is cost sensitive, robust, and long-lived.

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Affordable, Flexible Pricing

Free to Start. Cancel Anytime. No Credit Card Required.


Perfect for Organizations looking to get started on Employee Health engagement with a cost-sensitive approach.

Whats included?
  • Self-managed Platform for all features
  • "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) or Mobile Phone
  • Manage Employee Rewards Incentives Externally
  • Easy and Intuitive Employee Onboarding
Fixed Platform Fee
Per Month
Billed Annually
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