Fitmatic Body Fat and Body Composition Calculators

Body Composition and Body Fat Calculators

Unlock accurate insights into your body fat composition with our leading-edge body fat calculators, trusted by fitness enthusiasts worldwide for precise and effective health and wellness tracking.

Body Fat & Composition Calculator

Fitmatic's Body Fat & Composition analysis provides a quick way to summarize your body using simple measurements. Even with just weight, height and age we can provide you a great view into your current composition.


Maximum Muscular Potential Calculator

Calculate your Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Fat Free Mass and determine your true Potential. For the Muscular Potential we require several of your measurements with the Wrist and Ankle being the most important ones.


Body Mass Index Calculator

BMI, one of the most widely used Health indicators.


Health Indicators

Elevate your well-being with our acclaimed health indicator calculators, trusted by a global community for precise and actionable insights into your overall health and vitality.

Body Mass Index (BMI) & Body Fat

Dive into the science of wellness by discovering your Body Mass Index (BMI), a numerical reflection of your weight in relation to your height. This simple yet powerful metric serves as a compass for your health journey, guiding you towards a harmonious balance between weight and height for a thriving, well-rounded life.


Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) Coming soon

Waist to Height Ratio (WtHR) Coming soon

Body Fat Calculators

Transform your fitness journey with our top-rated body fat calculators, delivering accurate and personalized insights to optimize your health and achieve your wellness goals effortlessly.

Navy Body Fat Calculator (Hodgdon & Beckett)

The Navy Hodgdon-Beckett Method, a formula developed by the U.S. Navy, employs measurements of height, neck circumference, and either abdomen for males or waist and hip for females to estimate body fat percentage. This method provides a practical and straightforward approach to assessing body fat, making it a valuable tool for individuals, particularly in military settings, seeking a quick estimation of their body composition.


Navy Body Fat Calculator (Hodgdon)

The Navy Hodgdon Weight Height Regression Method, another more generic formula to calculate body fat, developed by the U.S. Navy, employs measurements of height and weight only to simplify initial body fat estimation.


Marine Corps Body Fat Calculator (Wright)

The Marine Corps Wright Formula employs a combination of neck and waist circumference measurements for males and several others for females to accurately calculate body fat percentage and assess fitness levels.


Army Body Fat Calculator (Vogel)

The Army Vogel Method, a formula incorporating height and body measurements, is a widely utilized approach for estimating body fat percentage, particularly in military fitness assessments.


Army Body Fat Calculator (Friedl)

The Army Friedl Method, developed through research aimed at enhancing body fat estimation accuracy for active military personnel, emerges as a specialized and pragmatic approach, utilizing simple tape measurements for males to estimate body fat percentage, making it particularly relevant for individuals engaged in physically demanding activities.


Body Fat Jackson/Pollock 4-Site Coming soon

Body Fat Jackson/Pollock 3-Site Coming soon

Body Fat Hussman Coming soon

Muscular Potential Calculators

Muscular potential calculators act as the personalized crystal ball of fitness, offering enthusiasts a tantalizing glimpse into their future physique, turning aspirations into tangible goals with each calculated potential, and transforming the journey to peak muscularity into an exhilarating adventure of self-discovery.

Maximum Muscular Potenial

Casey Butt's revolutionary work on muscular potential models unveils the untapped possibilities within our own bodies, inspiring a new wave of fitness enthusiasts to unlock their full physical potential and redefine the boundaries of muscular development.


Steve Reeve Coming soon

Greek Ideals Coming soon

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body composition is a key aspect of overall well-being. Understanding your body fat percentage is crucial in assessing your fitness level and making informed lifestyle choices. By using our approach, we delve into the importance of body composition and introduce you to effective body fat calculators. Whether you're on a fitness journey, aiming for weight loss, or simply striving for a healthier lifestyle, these tools can provide valuable insights. From the science behind body composition to practical tips on using calculators accurately, these calculators are your go-to resource for optimizing your body composition and achieving your fitness goals. Explore the world of body fat measurement with us and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced you.