In-Depth Body Composition management for your clients

Track your clients progress to always re-inforce positive changes.

Feature Overview

With over 300 body analysis points for body composition, we cover all aspects of measuring progress.

Weight / Muscle / Body Fat

Analyse weight/body fat using various formulas. Take a next detailed look into the Fat free mass index and use our cross functional weight control grid to be able to better manage expectations

Additional Health Indicators

Review other indicators such as Waist to Hip and Waist to Height Ratios and combine with personalized target ranges to better manage goals.

Potential & Models for males

Analyse natural lean body mass potential and compare against those targets. Review various models for appearance and physique to highlight areas of strength and weakness.

Progress Reporting

Take progress reporting to new levels by looking at the overall body in summary or in-dept review on specific locations to better show progress. Manage bulk/cut cycles to review progress in much more detail.

Manage Goals

Set your goals and determine impact on your body composition and re-adjust as your body changes. Establish new goals as you reach your milestones.

Compare To Others

Still not enough? Compare to other users to determine how you compare based on your current muscular composition. Highlight weaknesses when comparing to all others in the platform. Are they too skipping leg day?

Manage your client at each stage

Provide valuable feedback regardless of whether its your first session or a progress check-in.

  • Onboard

    Educate and review client on first session

  • Establish Base Line

    Discuss goals, and validate through composition analysis.

  • Check-In

    Re-measure to provide updates to client with ability to always pick a positive change.

  • Re-Engage

    Keep the client wanting more ...

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Whether you are a solo-trainer, small club/Gym or a group of trainers, you can manage all your clients, trainers in a single place. Its never been easier.

  • Self Management and Reporting
  • Client Management
  • Trainer Management

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