Fitmatic Launches and Announces Public Beta
  • By Chris
  • Posted September 25, 2015

Fitmatic Launches and Announces Public Beta

In development for many months, and with a private Beta providing valuable feedback, Fitmatic is excited to offer a Public Beta for Personal Trainers, Coaches and Athletes.

Over the past months, Fitmatic has continued development and integrated improvements based on valuable feedback from our Private Beta. Initially intended to be purely for coaches and gyms, the Private Beta opened up the platform to individual accounts as a result of the incredible feedback we have received.

Products for personal use often evolve and improve based on user feedback and demand. The goal is ultimately to create a service that is user-friendly but also captures a full range of desired and professional body composition goals unlike any other product currently on the market.

Fitmatic is a product for coaches and trainers that measures and tracks these goals for their clients, so it’s invaluable to us to obtain feedback - understanding the needs and goals of gym members, athletes, and other fitness advocates will help us shape a better end-product for trainers and coaches, because they are ultimately concerned with what their customers want, but also understand and appreciate the complex measurements behind the curtains related to reaching health and fitness goals.

Goals of the Fitmatic Public Beta

The main goal of the public Beta is to gather more feedback and create a product that provides real value. Please let us know what you want out of Fitmatic and what features you’re interested in. There is still a large amount of work in the pipeline, and the anticipated end of this Beta is by March 2016.

Next Focus—Fitmatic Native Mobile Apps, Reports, Usability Improvements

A major next focus on improving Fitmatic is to offer native mobile apps, more reports, and usability improvements. Our number-one feedback has been that the tool offers a daunting number of fitness options which to assess, and we’re intent on making improvements to usability so trainers and coaches get the most out of measuring, tracking, and presenting their clients’ goals! While not every individual will be immediately concerned with the over 300 possible points of fitness analysis offered by Fitmatic, their feedback on using the tool directly factors into how we can empower coaches and trainers to better evaluate their clients’ fitness goals, and let them showcase their path to success in the most impactful and meaningful ways possible.

To learn more about Fitmatic and sign up for the Public Beta Click here or visit our Features page.

About Fitmatic

Fitmatic is a Body Composition Management tool for Personal Trainers, Coaches and Athletes. With over 300 body analysis points for body composition, we cover all aspects of measuring progress. Fitmatic charts new territory in the body management sector. Our reports and analysis have improved and corrected long-standing perceptions regarding body mass, body fat and true body potential. We provide unparalleled scientific analysis to assist you in the fastest way to fitness.