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Take Control of your Weight Loss

Highlight different ways in which fitness goals impact your body, Fitmatic goes well beyond body weight and basic ratios to provide the most informative fitness measures around.

Every Individual is Different, and it matters

Achieving one's ideal body weight and managing the path to get there can be a struggle for many individuals. Oftentimes, solely looking at weight or a specific body location can be discouraging when the scale does not change or your love handles are being stubborn.

Doctors and Health Industry professionals generally rely on one indicator, the BMI, to tell you what your state is - all you get is a number with the label - well great, what next?

You cannot target fat loss at a specific location - wanting to get rid of that one area? Unfortunately your body does not work on spot reductions. To further complicate said situation, in many cases, locations on your body have a different rate of change as you progress.

Have you stalled with any of the components you are monitoring, whether it is the scale or the size of your waist? You look in the mirror and nothing seems to be changing?

As a result of some of the challenges presented with your weight loss journey, Fitmatic has come up with a unique approach to measure progress to ensure you maintain full visibility as your body, in its entirety, is going through changes.

Health Indicators

To determine the current state of your body, Doctors and health industry individuals can refer to three indicators that describe your level of obesity.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - a measure of your weight and height
  • Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) - the ratio between two changing measurements
  • Waist to Height Ratio (WtHR) - the ratio of your changing Waist to your Height

At Fitmatic, we are taking the same approach, but adding tools to allow you to better measure your progress and keep you tied to goals.

Our health indicator reports follow a common practice to allow you to measure progress:

  • Where you are currently?
  • How are your index values changing week after week, mapped against applicable ranges?
  • Where should your numbers be, based on the ranges that industry professionals commonly refer to?*

* applicable for BMI/WtHR

As you start measuring progress, we give you a way to manage your goals more effectively by showing you the progress week after week and giving you a visual indication of how close you are to your next target

To put your progress into context, Fitmatic's health indicators give you an idea of what acceptable values are based on the industry-specified ranges. This will give you a direct path to your goals - and may also describe where you were in the past to see how far you have progressed already.

Body Fat

Health indicators give you one view into your composition - the next important piece is looking at your body fat in more detail. There are various ways to measure body fat, at Fitmatic, we focus on body fat analysis using simple tools of measuring the circumference of various body locations and your weight.

While our formulas are purely estimates, they can help greatly in giving you an idea of what your total range can be and how your body fat is calculated differently by (1) looking at your weight as the primary driver and (2) creating a mechanism for body fat excluding weight.

Outside of our formulas and estimates relying on statistical models, the key take-away is seeing a change in your body fat percentages as you continue progressing - this will give you a much stronger idea of progress.

Individual Body Locations

The final piece of the puzzle is an in-depth view of your changes at each location. As mentioned previously, basic fitness evaluations can be discouraging when you are only looking at one location and not seeing the progress you feel should happen based on your effort invested!

Depending on how much detail you are measuring, we can give you views into much more than just the waist and hip. Many times the waist and hip alone are not enough to give you a "hint" of progress.

Our body locations report gives you insight beyond health indicators and body fat. To give you a better idea, Fitmatic examines:

  • Individual Measures that have a large impact when body fat changes.
  • Flexed Locations as an optional view into how your muscles are impacted with changes in body fat.
  • Appearance by combining multiple locations together to create views into your overall body.

Progress is not linear, so we wanted to give you mechanisms to control progress much more accurately and help you better understand how your body has changed as a result of your efforts. Our time frame selector allows you to get a summary of your body for any timeframe you desire - whether it's from day one to today, or maybe even for your first weeks. Have you gone on vacation and not focused on progress? Well, look at this timeframe to see how much it has impacted your overall path.

By looking at all locations for weight control in one view, we are now even able to give you an indication of how much has changed at each location for your selected timeframe so you can see which body parts may be lacking and are being stubborn.

Fitmatic's All-In-One Appearance Ratios

For a comprehensive showpiece that truly highlights how your overall body and look are changing, Fitmatic introduces a unique and informative set of ratio comparisons. These appearance ratios track and summarize your progress to give you clues on how different sections of your body are specifically and truly changing-wonder no more how your hard work is paying off!

We also refer to those ratios as "Mirror Ratios". When you see yourself in the mirror you are never truly looking just at one location, your eyes and mind generally focus on multiple locations simultaneously - this is what we attempted to re-create, allow you to truly see yourself when comparing different locations. However, looking at the mirror carries the next problem, it's hard to notice minor changes as you see yourself daily; many times progress is lost in changes that are subtle - but don't worry, we notice!

Bottom Line-Form a Full Fitness Picture

Unlike any other app, Fitmatic offers a powerful, visual, progress-driven suite of tools and evaluations that help form a full picture of every individual's fitness goals and efforts. Beyond basics like BMI and WHR, Fitmatic tracks a variety of measurements to help each individual comprehend how their hard work is paying off. And with features like Appearance Ratios, we're offering a new "look in the mirror" that will help people understand their bodies, appreciate their hard work, and motivate them to pursue their fitness goals!

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Fitmatic is a Body Composition Management tool for Personal Trainers, Coaches and Athletes. With over 300 body analysis points for body composition, we cover all aspects of measuring progress. Fitmatic charts new territory in the body management sector. Our reports and analysis have improved and corrected long-standing perceptions regarding body mass, body fat and true body potential. We provide unparalleled scientific analysis to assist you in the fastest way to fitness.