Body Mass Index Calculator

BMI, one of the most widely used Health indicators.

Calculate your Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Fat Free Mass and of course your BMI.

Fitmatic's Body Fat & Composition analysis provides a quick way to summarize your body using simple measurements. Even with just weight, height and age we can provide you a great view into your current composition.

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Body Mass Index and Body Fat

One of the main challenges with the Body Mass Index is that it does not take into consideration how the weight is distributed - so it may not be a good reference for any individual that is active and exercising. For this purpose we leverage other mechanisms to help you determine what type of body composition you have based on other formulas.

As BMI relies on your weight and height, we can provide you with Body Fat estimates based on the following formulas:

  • Navy Hodgdon - Body fast based on weight but more tailored towards active individuals
  • Body Mass Index - Body fast based on weight (more specifically your BMI data)
Body Mass Index to Body Fat Ranges

How can I estimate my body mass index (BMI)?

To calculate your body mass index, you can simply use your Height and Weight. Keep in mind that with height and weight we can also estimate Body Fat using the Navy Method. Finally, with your age and BMI we can also get a better idea of your Body Fat.

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Is the Body Mass Index accurate?

While used by many Health Professionals as a reference to obesity, it does not take into consideration how the weight is distributed.

As a result, for individuals that are active, it is recommended to refer to our other Body Composition analysis results for a better gauge at health and fitness.

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What is a normal BMI?

For BMI, a range of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal. If you are 5' 11" (180cm) that would equate to approx 132lbs to 178lbs (59kg to 81kg).

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