23 Years
5' 3.5"
125.0 lbs
Body Fat %
Navy Hodgdon

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Health Indicators

To determine the current state of your body, Doctors and health industry professionals can refer to three indicators that describe your level of obesity. At Fitmatic, we are taking the same approach, but adding better tools and visualizations to allow you to measure your progress and keep you tied to goals.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
The most commonly used indicator using your weight and height.
21.84 Normal
Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR)
Looking at both Waist and Hip to determine level of obesity.
0.72 Excellent
Waist to Height Ratio (WtHR)
A simpler view at your waist to determine general health.
0.44 Slender and Healthy

Body Fat Analysis

Health indicators give you one view into your composition - the next important piece is looking at your body fat in more detail. There are various ways to measure body fat - we focus on body fat analysis using simple tools of measuring the circumference of various body locations and/or your weight. Finally, you can take it one step further by apply skinfold based measurements - while more difficult to measure, they may provide better accuracy.

Navy HodgdonWeight basedPreferred
24.65 Fitness
BMIWeight based
26.1 Average
Navy Hodgdon & BeckettMeasurement based
28.65 Average

Lean Body Mass Analysis

Expanding on the body fat formulas used above, we are taking a closer look at your Lean Body Mass to give you additional insights. Keep in mind, while our body fat formulas are estimate based, they can help greatly in giving you an idea of progress from a muscular perspective.

Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)
Looking at your lean body mass to determine general fitness.
17.6 Superior (Genetics)