30 Years
180.0 cm
84.0 KG
Body Fat %
Marine Corps Wright

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Body Fat Analysis

Health indicators give you one view into your composition - the next important piece is looking at your body fat in more detail. There are various ways to measure body fat - we focus on body fat analysis using simple tools of measuring the circumference of various body locations and/or your weight. Finally, you can take it one step further by apply skinfold based measurements - while more difficult to measure, they may provide better accuracy.

Marine Corps WrightMeasurement basedPreferred
14.13 Fitness
Navy Hodgdon & BeckettMeasurement based
15.1 Fitness
Army FriedlMeasurement based
15.78 Fitness
Army VogelMeasurement based
18.96 Average
Navy HodgdonWeight based
19.77 Average
BMIWeight based
21.81 Average

Lean Body Mass Analysis

Expanding on the body fat formulas used above, we are taking a closer look at your Lean Body Mass to give you additional insights. Keep in mind, while our body fat formulas are estimate based, they can help greatly in giving you an idea of progress from a muscular perspective.

Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)
Looking at your lean body mass to determine general fitness.
22.26 Excellent
Lean Body Mass Potential
How much more muscle can you gain?
13.42 kg 
13.42 kg
Years of Training
How much longer do you have to reach your full potential?
2.59 yrs 
2.59 yrs

Discover your Potential

Getting a better idea of where you are today and how you compare to various models, you can get additional information on how your current body compares. It may help to highlight specific weaknesses ... you know "oh my legs have always been lagging" (though we kind of know skipping leg days is too easy)

Muscular Potential
Discover your potential for muscular composition based on your body frame.
Steve Reeve Model
Compare yourself to symetric ideals of one of the most popular Body builders of our time.
Greek Ideals
How do you compare to the Greek Ideals of the past?
Bicep Analysis
Take a deeper look into your Flexed Bicep to determine realistic progress.