Hassle-free onboarding for your employees - we manage most of the process for you

  • Configure your Contributions by device
  • Employee Co-Pay for premium devices and integration into your Payroll platform
  • Direct Drop Ship to your Employee to minimize impact on your Organization
  • Handling of Returns and Return Pre-Paid Shipments

Activity Rewards

Help your employees be active and reward them for their accomplishments

  • Reward employees for different activity levels
  • Drive engagement and commitments to improved health goals
  • Let employees enjoy their progress through tiered rewards system


Engage everyone and promote group efforts

  • Compete on individual and/or team levels
  • Let departments battle for the winner, or drive participation by location
  • Support a cause and let participants use their activities to reward a charity
  • Maintain participation by customizing all phases of a contest
  • Run a different contest every month to promote variety


One-on-One Employee Battles

  • Inspire rewarding rivalry through one-on-one battles
  • Highly optimized Duel-Style engine to drive better engagement
  • Appeal to a variety of personalities by tailoring duel experiences


Engage employees with fully personalized challenges that fit their lifestyle

  • Leverage our Big Data statistical engine to drive meaningful challenges
  • Utilize game-inspired experience and get commitments from your employees to make a difference
  • Engage employees year-round through continuous improvements
  • Balance commitment, risk, duration and rewards to slowly transform healthy behaviors

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